TigPro Friday Update: January 1, 2016 / by tigpro

Hey all,

Happy New Year! The gents in the shop have today off for the holiday but got a bunch of work done this week. The materials came in to continue working on the fermenters for Dirigo Brewing Company and their hot liquor tank is coming together nicely. Last week a base for Norway Brewing Company's 7 barrel brite was completed and now it looks like an actual tank. The guys are also putting together a hop funnel for Other Half Brewing. The shop was a flurry of work to finish 2015 strong. Hope you were able to end your 2015 with the same gusto and your 2016 is shaping up to be a great year.



PS: A big piece came in for a very exciting 2016 project we can't wait to get started on!