Drink Local! / by tigpro

Drink local. It’s something you hear a lot these days. But what does it really mean? While more and more Maine beers are made with local ingredients, it isn’t always possible. So, while the beer you are drinking is brewed here the ingredients may not be sourced from here. The true sentiment behind drink local is to support your community by purchasing beer from the local brewer. We, here at TigPro, want to help make your beer as local as possible. 

As technology allows us to connect to people around the world there is a big push to work with companies close to home, to support your neighbor. As more things become available to us we turn more towards the things located in our own back yards. The more we find ourselves attached to our devices the more we strive to make human connections. And at TigPro we are all about the relationships. We work with our customers to get to know their needs and how they envision their brewery. 

The equipment we make is Made in Maine with raw materials sourced right here in the US as often as possible. By using US sourced materials we give brewers a chance to add an additional layer to the #DrinkLocal sentiment. We offer a chance to support those in your own back yard.