Photo shoot at Maine Craft Distilling / by tigpro

So Jonny and I went on a mission, to shoot (sorry not to drink at) a few of the breweries and distilleries that TIgPro makes the systems for. Of course we had to go to Maine Craft Distilling, because they make some of the spirits from Rum to Gin in Portland. I was excited because I had been waiting for their Blueshine to become ready for sale. I had tasted it at an early stage, late last winter and was happy to get a bottle to keep me warm this winter. Did I tell you it was delicious?

It was indeed very fine. They make a moonshine with barley from fields in Maine. Ferment it in large wooden fermenter, and then run it through a copper still (which we helped build). When the  shine is done they add a ton of delicious Maine blueberries, the wild ones of course to give the shine that wild spirit from  nature. Then they finish it off with a touch of Maine Maple Syrup and you have one heck of a delicious moonshine with the unique flavor of Maine.