Why TigPro? / by tigpro


Where does a name like that come from? A name that spell check wants to “fix” for you and change into Tiger. While tigers are pretty majestic animals they have nothing to do with what we do here. Here, we are professionals; we are pros. We make high quality pieces of stainless steel equipment. We want these pieces of art, no matter how big or how small, to hold up to the test of time. 

So again we ask, where does TigPro come from? Well, Tig stands for Tungsten inert gas and is a specific welding technique. Upon the development of this technique in the 1930s it was used to weld aircraft parts. It is even used in race cars. If a part doesn’t hold up in either of those instances people’s lives are at stake. But Tig welding offers the most integrity and versatility in a weld. Tig welding does take more time but the quality is impeccable. 

Tig welding is also our preferred method for sanitary reasons. We specialize in the fabrication of brewhouses and other brewing equipment. Tig welding shields gasses from oxygen, making a weld clean and leaving no place for bacteria to grow. Any brewer knows that bacteria is an enemy that they don’t want to battle. With the Tig welding process you can be certain that the welds on your equipment offer a sanitary surface.

We have been perfecting this technique since before our company was established in 2000. No matter the project, we will build you a high quality piece of equipment that not only looks beautiful but will also stand up to all of your needs. 

Fun fact: Tig is actually considered a slang for the technique we use; the proper name if Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or GTAW. But GTAWpro doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Our home, Portland, Maine, USA!

Our home, Portland, Maine, USA!